Issues We Care About

DelawareCAN Action Fund is committed to supporting candidates and legislation that ensures an equitable education landscape for every Delaware student. Not some. Not most. Every.

We have compiled a list of current legislation that have the most potential to affect our policies and values in a negative or positive way. You can read about this legislation and stay up to date with how your legislators are voting for each by checking out the Legislative Spotlight.

Education Equity

Delaware, though small in size, boasts a wide array of demographics and landscapes. We represent many different cultures and communities. Our current education funding system unfortunately does not reflect this. The current system, in place since the early 1900s, is one of the oldest in the US. Its unit-based formula does not account for additional funding for our neediest students: students with special needs, low-income students or English language learners. It’s time that we follow the model adopted in surrounding states and ensure that we have a system that works for every student. That’s why DelawareCAN Action Fund is a proud member of Education Equity Delaware. Click here to learn more and get involved.


Parents and taxpayers deserve to know how and where education dollars are being spent. The current reporting process, available on the Department of Education website, is vague and leaves many unanswered questions. Additionally, there is no standardized reporting requirement for federal dollars given to school districts. This has to change. We need detailed reporting guidelines required by state law. This includes publishing a clear summary rating for each school, creating first-rate measures of school quality and implementing effective interventions in struggling schools.

Access to School Choice

Studies show that giving parents and students more options leads to better and more long-term student outcomes. The bottom line is simple: kids learn in different ways. School choice and access to charter school programs help to diversify educational programs in a multitude of ways and provide the unique experiences our students need. DelwareCAN Action Fund is committed to protecting parents’ right to choose what path is right for their child.