New Castle Voters Back Educational Options

As we approach Primary Election Day on September 13, it is important that we remember what is at stake: the future of Delaware kids. In April, a poll commissioned by DelawareCAN of New Castle County registered voters showed that a House Education Committee vote advancing a measure to stop public charter school growth in New Castle County was wildly out-of-step with public sentiment.*

The poll measured voter opinion on public education, public charter schools and the proposed moratorium on public charter schools in the county. By wide margins, voters support charter schools, oppose a moratorium and want to see more growth in the number of charter schools. Most noteworthy, 80% of families with school-aged children said having access to school options is important to them even if they are happy with their current school. 

Results have shown that school choice has been a key issue at the ballot box this year and crosses ideological divides between liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans. We don’t expect Delaware to be any different. It is imperative that we elect leaders who are listening to parents on this issue. Unfortunately, many sitting legislators have shown that they are not only tone-deaf to what parents want, but in many cases, are actively charging forward in direct opposition to constituent voices. We cannot reward them with another term. 

On September 13, make sure you use your voice to protect choice in education. If some candidates have their way, you won’t have it much longer. 

For key takeaways and an addendum of poll questions click here. 

*The poll was executed by Dynata, a US-based market research company with polling experience at local, state, national and international levels.