DelawareCAN Action Fund Announces 2022 Primary Endorsements

 In little over a month, voters on both sides of the aisle will head to the ballot box and decide who will represent their party in the general elections in November. This is a unique year in that every single State Representative and State Senator are up for reelection, making for an exciting election year. Excitement aside, we are focused on the very real task of finding legislators that are committed to the future of Delaware’s students.

At DelawareCAN Action Fund, we look for candidates who are proven leaders who are eager to be champions on the tough issues that we face. Specifically, we need current and future elected officials who will lead the charge in the fight for a more equitable funding system and the right for families to choose the education options that are best for them. We are excited to announce our 2022 slate of endorsements in the September 13th Primary Elections. The candidates below embody our values and have our full support in the upcoming election. We encourage you to support them too. The challenge facing our students and schools is tremendous, but we know that with leaders like these Delaware CAN. 

Nnamdi  Chukwuocha
Delaware State House of Representatives
District 1 Democratic Primary

For over a decade, Representative Chukwuocha has been a leader on issues around equity in the City of Wilmington. Since he has taken that expertise to Legislative Hall, his impact has only increased. Our kids need a champion like him.

Stephanie Bolden
Delaware State House of Representatives
District 2 Democratic Primary

Stephanie is a tireless community leader. Her work with the Girl Scouts is a testament to her commitment to Delaware’s children. We feel good knowing she’s in Dover continuing to fight for our students and everyone in our community.
Bradley Layfield
Delaware State House of Representatives
District 4 Republican Primary

As a someone with a lifelong commitment to education, Bradley understands the importance of building a more equitable system. His close ties to his community make him someone who can build relationships and get things done in Dover.

Deb Heffernan
Delaware State House of Representatives
District 6 Democratic Primary

Deb is a veteran legislator who has proven she knows how to get things done for her district and for Delaware.
As former President of the School Board, we know she's making decisions based on what's best for our kids.
John Mitchell
Delaware State House of Representatives
District 13 Democratic Primary

John was fighting for Delawareans long before he got elected.
As someone who spent kindergarten through college in Delaware education, he knows how important his decisions are for our students.

Ed Klima
Delaware State House of Representatives
District 25 Democratic Primary

Ed has been a community advocate for years and knows how to build relationships to accomplish goals.
As current Board Chair of a charter school, he's committed to ensuring that families choose the education right for them.
Kelly Williams-Maresca
Delaware State House of Representatives
District 26 Democratic Primary

As a mom, Kelly knows the importance of protecting school options for families. She's been in the trenches leading on issues for Delaware families for years and she's who we need representing us in Dover.

Mike Hertzfeld
Delaware State House of Representatives
District 27 Democratic Primary

Mike is committed to family and community. With kids in district and charter schools, he's had a great view of what we need done in education. With years of service already, let's put him a place where he can do even more.
Russ Huxtable
Delaware State Senate
District 6 Democratic Primary

Russ is a born leader. The things he's done to improve housing options in Sussex County are amazing. With his focus on equitable outcomes, he's the person we need leading the way on education. Kids need someone with his dedication.

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